About a week ago my father and I went on a ski trip. On this trip we stayed at the Grand Summit Hotel in Maine and the name of the restaurant is Camp. We have stayed at this place for the past three years whenever we go on our guys trip. For a hotel this place has amazing food and excellent service. My two favorite meals are there camp burger and Caesar salad. This Caesar salad is not any normal salad that you find at common restaurants, this salad has flavors which I never thought would go well together.My favorite part of this salad is the dressing because usually Caesar salad dressing can be very thick and creamy but this one is smooth and delicate. It bonds with the cheese and croutons to really add that sweet flavor which a salad always needs and then the lettuce has such a satisfying crunch and the juice just squeezes out making the dressing fade which then makes you want to eat even more. My most favorite meal of all from the Grand Summit is their incredible camp burger. There is not one complaint or flaw about this burger and in fact each time I’ve had it, it tastes even better. The secret to what makes this burger as good as it really is, is the fried onions which they add and the smoked bacon which is not any ordinary ‘smoked bacon,’ this is the real deal. The outsides are crisp and burnt and then the middle is sizzly and juicy which soaks up the juice from the patty so when you bite into the burger bursts of flavors just strike your taste buds. Their buns are also homemade and let me tell you they are fantastic. I highly recommend staying at the Grand Summit Hotel and haver the same experience I had. My rating for this meal is gonna be a 9.5/10. See you in the next one.

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