First day in Toronto and we ended up at this amazing Farm to Table restaurant called RICHMOND station. it was a clean and casual boutique atmosphere with excellent service. The waiters were very enthusiastic and excited about there offerings and explained to us about the back ground of our meal. For my appetizer I had the garden salad which includes: new farm gold dressing, quinoa crumble, soybean hummus and garden herbs. The mix of flavors bonded well together and had a great refreshing feel when it entered your mouth. The farm to table food just felt like you could taste every flavor and every ingredient the meal had. For my main I had the STN. Burger which was the most creative burger I ever had. This burger included lettuce, beet chutney, aged cheddar, milk bun, rosemary fries, dill pickle and garlic aioli. The burger was so delightful and enjoyable. Each bite was as good as the one before. The beet chutney added that nice sweet taste at the end to coincide with the meat. The fries were perfection. It had a nice and crisp outside which was a satisfying crunch when you bit into it and also the rosemary on the fries made it have a nice spicy flavor. The best meal of the night though was my dads fresh homemade ricotta with lemon zest on a freshly baked focaccia bread which was the highlight of the night. The ricotta was so creamy it felt like extra light whipped cream that just floated in your mouth, and the lemon zest added a nice lemony taste to add an extra flavor to the ricotta. The bread also had a nice crunch to it on the outside and in the inside there was a soft, warm and sweet dough that just made you feel so relaxed as you chewed on it. Unfortunately we eventually finished it. My rating out of ten for the RICHMOND Station farm to table restaurant is a solid 9 1/2 out of 10. The reason why I chose this rating is because the salad did not have too much flavor and lacked ingredients that may have increased my rating to a full score so for that reason I chose to take off a half point. My experience there though was way better than I hoped so I am very happy for that. I will see you in the next one.


  1. Great review Riley. Makes me want to go to this restaurant! I’ll be sure to try the burger and those rosemary fries! Love the combination of herbs with potatoes.

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