It was around 9:00 and my friend, dad and I were pretty hungry after a couple hours of bowling. My friend Seth was really feeling for ribs and he was our guest so it was our job to accommodate. We researched online to see where was the best place in South Yarmouth, Cape Cod as it is more known for there sea food. We found this place called Red Face Jack’s and it was a modern day sports pub. It had very good ratings according to trip advisor and other websites and was known for their ribs. We went with it and took our chances. As we arrived it looked decent on the outside and when we entered it was honestly not that bad from a teenagers perspective because it was pretty cool with all the tv’s and led lighting that changes color everywhere and there was something to entertain you at every corner. It was good at the beginning but when the food arrived it went down hill very quickly. I can’t remember what I had ordered but all I know is that it was supposed to be a pork sandwich and it turned out to be just some frozen bologna that they probably heated in a microwave and smothered it with this nasty horrible cheese and some other things that I can’t describe. My dad had the same thing and my friend had his ribs. The ribs did not really look that bad and actually looked really tasty and well done but according to him they were also really bad. I also forgot to tell you that when we were waiting on our food they gave us popcorn and I’m sad to say that was the best part of the meal. I only took about four bites , my dad quickly got the check and we all ran out of there. Seth and I ended up having some cereal back at the house and then went to bed. My rating for Red Face Jacks is a 2/10 and I obviously give this because of its unpalatable food and just horrible service. I hope this showed you something about how ratings can be unpredictable or fake advice. See you in the next one!!

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