The Old Yarmouth Inn is a restaurant that has been around for over 300 years and is still there doing a great job. My parents and I took our friends there for dinner and had a very nice time. You felt like you were in a very old rustic area with old time structure. Our waiter was a pretty nice guy and was good at providing us with everything that we needed. For my starter I had a Caesar salad which was really nice and crunchy, moist and flavorful. The dressing was fantastic and combined well with the cheese and salad to mellow down the freshness of the salad. We were also served fresh right out the oven soft and crunchy bread with some homemade butter. No complaints what so ever. It just sat in my mouth and I could just chew it until my jaw was sore because of the warmth and tastiness. For my main I had a beef short rib with mash potatoes and small fried onion rings sprinkled on the top. Now the beef was good but I found the sauce a bit to strong and pungent for my liking which killed the juicy and savory flavor of the meat. Although the best part of all meals I had for the night was the small onion rings which just had such great flavor with the seasoning it had on them. It was so crunchy and juicy and had a little onion taste that just stayed in your mouth which just told you to get more. The mash potato was also very nice and smooth with the sauce that actually worked well with it. One thing that just made me real happy about my beef was that you just had to touch it and it fell apart which always means that was cooked perfectly. It was overall an amazing night and I would recommend going there. My rating for the food was a 9/10. The reason for this is because the sauce on the beef slightly hurt the flavor and taste of the meat so therefore that is why I give it this rating. Hope you have the same great experience as me or even better if you ever make it to here and ill see you in the next one.


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