The Ocean House restaurant is a family favorite and is one of the best restaurants in the Cape. It is a beach front restaurant with indoor and outdoor dining. This is also my favorite restaurant on the Cape and has some incredible and exotic meals that will make you not want to leave. For my starter I chose vegetable spring roles with pickled vegetables and two different sauces. Ever since the day I had this its the only thing I have for a starter there because it is too good to miss. The way the crispy, juicy and moist crust just adds a sweetener to the vegetables is just mouth watering and also when you dip it in the sauce it is so wonderful. It is almost like a sweet and sour but a much fancier way and it really has a nice sweet taste and then a little spice which makes your taste buds thirst for more. I am not really a fan of the other sauce just because it  has no taste but tastes a little pungent and it does not suit the spring rolls well. For my main I had Miso Five Spiced Pork Chop with a side of truffle fries which stole the night. I had never had a piece of pork that was so juicy, so tender, so crispy and so delicious. I was amazed by how everything was done and I was so disappointed that eventually it came to an end but the flavors matched so perfectly and everything was just too good to be true. The truffle fries are something one person in the family orders whenever we go to share with everyone as it is a big serving and this time it was my turn. The fries are really nice if you need something to match any meal and never ruin it. It went really well with the pork because the strong flavor of the truffle oil really bonded well with the sweet and juicy taste of the pork so I could not complain. It was definitely a wonderful night and I can’t wait to go again. I highly recommend the Ocean House restaurant for quality food and wonderful service. My rating for this restaurant is a 9/10 and I give this because one of the sauces from the spring roll just did not go well with it and therefore I gave a point off but other than that everything was excellent. I hope I made your taste buds awaken and i’ll see you in the next one!

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