It has been three days since I left Toronto and I’m very sorry for not posting this earlier but we are with some friends in Cape Cod at our house and we have just been going around everywhere to all the towns and areas for them. This morning is not busy so I am able to continue. The Mövenpick Marche restaurant was a self serve restaurant with tons of varieties of foods from Asian to French and Italian to name a few. It had a very nice kinda rustic looking atmosphere with old brick and classic dining and architecture inside. Everything they served us was fresh and delightful. They served a wide range of fruit beverages such as watermelon, orange, grapefruit, strawberry and lemonade. For my starter I had a simple bruschetta which had an amazing crunch and soft small pieces of tomato with some shredded cheese, garlic and spices. For my main I chose to have sushi. Fun fact, sushi is one of my favorite foods!! The sushi I chose was the dynamite roll and the spider roll. Both were amazing. It took about 5-7 minutes to make and took two minutes to go down. Lets just say it made my night. The spider roll was so nice because the crab was basically fried until it was just a juicy tasty crunch when you bit into it and the rice was a thin layer and not a thick waste. The dynamite was also a great dish and had a nice sauce on the outside of the roll to give it spicy flavor to just sit on your tongue and make you feel to eat another to have that feel again. For dessert I had a simple old school pecan pie. It was glorious as you bit into it. It was perfectly baked and was so delicate and moist which is my favorite. The nut eased the sweetness of the pie and added that soft, crunchy texture which was relaxing. The night was a great one and I can’t wait to go back there. My rating for Mövenpick Marche restaurant is a 10/10. I chose this because there was no complaints, everything was on time, the people were nice and the food was incredible. Hope you have the same amazing experience as me and ill see you in the next one.

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