The Faneuil hall marketplace in Boston has tons of different varieties of food. From the moment you enter you are bombarded by all the different delicious choices ranging from Turkish, Indian, seafood, Japanese, Chinese and sumptuous desserts to name a few. You could hear every sizzle and whisk. It was hard to choose but I went with some sushi which I was happy about. I went to this place called UeNO SUSHI and they also served bubble tea and udon noodle soup. I really enjoyed watching the man make the rolls and it was very interesting because they wrap it in a long pice of seaweed and then put this type of wood paper on top of it and roll it together and then cut it into pieces. It took about five minutes to make and one minute to go down. Lets just say it didn’t last long. I had two different rolls and they were the dragon roll and the spider roll. They were both really really good but I think the spider roll had a bit more flavor and had a nice spicy kick. I also tried the noodle soup from my mum and that was really great as well. The noodle had a fantastic thick, sweet and moist taste to it and it really went well with the vegetables. My rating for the UeNO SUSHI is a 8/10 and I chose this just because it was a great piece of sushi made fresh to order and the mixture of flavors were fantastic and even the soup was beyond expectations. If you ever go to Boston and you want to find a place with different foods I recommend going to the Faneuil Hall Marketplace you won’t be disappointed. Hope you enjoyed and ill see you in the next one !!

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