My name is Riley Delany and I’m thirteen years old. I was born in the United States and was raised in the Caribbean. My dad is from Cape Cod Massachusetts and my Mum is from St.Vincent and the Grenadines which is a little island in the Caribbean. From an early age I always loved going to restaurants and trying different varieties of  food from Indian, to French, to our very own Caribbean cuisine. I was lucky to have these opportunities because my family travels a lot  and this gives me an amazing experience and exposure to be able to enjoy the wonderful foods these places have to offer. When I was nine years old it came to me to start writing from a kids perspective on different foods and restaurant experiences. I’m so happy to get this up and running and to visit even more exciting places. Stay tuned and bon appetite.



  1. My sweet Riley aka Bud, I’m
    So proud you have finally started this blog /vlog. I hope you have lots of fun doing this, I think it’s so awesome . Love you , xo

  2. Wow!! Riley very impressive!! Focused at a early age. You have two wonderful parents guiding you and your life and showing you good foods and respect and love stay focused my boy

    1. Thank you Aunty Sabrina. If you look on the website you will see different categories and my other posts will be on travel and you just click it and it will give you the whole story like the one you just read!! Love to you all

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